TreeView State Image List Problem - VB.Net 
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 TreeView State Image List Problem - VB.Net


I'm using Win32 API calls to attach a state image list to a Treeview control
in VB.Net, so that I can have tri-state checkbox functionality with the
Treeview control.

The problem occurs when I first click on a treeview node.  The Treeview
loses it's reference to the state image list, the treeview appears to redraw
itself (it flickers), the Before/AfterSelect events are fired twice in
succession and the checkboxes change back to the standard checkbox icons.

This only happens the first time I click a node on the Treeview, although
prior to this I have programmatically selected the 'C:' node in the
containing form's Load event.

Please help!

Many Thanks,


Mon, 21 Nov 2005 18:29:31 GMT  
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