Unable to return ouput parameters to VB.net component - novice question 
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 Unable to return ouput parameters to VB.net component - novice question

Hi ,

I am trying to return some parameters from a stored procedure into a VB.net
component I have one parameter that is an integer and one that is a string
and I keep getting the error message saying that the function cannot be
converted to a string. In this instance where one parameter has integer
value and one has a string what syntax do I use? I have pasted some code
below if someone could offer some help that would be great.


Public Class CustomerInfo

Public customerId As Integer

Public RetVal As String

End Class

Dim myCustomerDetails As CustomerInfo = New CustomerInfo()

myCustomerDetails.customerId = CInt(parameterCustomerID.Value)

myCustomerDetails.RetVal = CStr(parameterRetVal.Value)

Return myCustomerDetails

Sun, 11 Dec 2005 18:46:01 GMT  
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