Urgent help - Error while opening Form design view on MS Visual Basic.Net 
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 Urgent help - Error while opening Form design view on MS Visual Basic.Net

Hi to all.

I have a weird problem and I need urgent help.

When I try to open a from in 'design view' (ain't matter VB or C#, this
occurs in both...) I always get the error prompt shown below;

An error occured while loading the document . Fix the error and then try
loading the document again.
The error message follows:

File or assembly name EnvDTE , or one of its dependencies was not found

and I can't achieve anything further. No coding, no design, etc...

The platform I'm using is;

OS: MS W2K Professional SP 2
Programming Env: MS Visualn Studio.Net Beta 2

Sun, 25 Apr 2004 02:06:32 GMT  
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