Blank .text value for DateTimePicker control 
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 Blank .text value for DateTimePicker control

Can anyone tell me how to display a blank value for the MS DateTimePicker?
I've read a few old articles that either give a useless workaround(.Format =
DateTimePickerFormat.Custom, .CustomFormat = " ") or simply mention that
it's impossible.  Was the .text property added to the .NET version (not
mentioned in older articles) and if so, should I not be able to have .text =
"" no matter what the .value is, to simply display a blank date to the user
before they click the control?  I wouldn't be able to use this control if
it's not doable, as a default date doesn't make sense for what I'm trying to

Mike O'Connor

Mon, 12 Dec 2005 03:50:56 GMT  
 Blank .text value for DateTimePicker control

> Can anyone tell me how to display a blank value for the
> MS DateTimePicker?

Set the control's ShowCheckBox property to True. The state of the
checkbox indicates whether a value is specified or not.

Herfried K. Wagner
MVP VB Classic, VB .NET

Mon, 12 Dec 2005 03:56:29 GMT  
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