Know datatable row number of a datagrid line ? 
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 Know datatable row number of a datagrid line ?


I've got a datagrid on my form.

I start filling my datagrid with a datased , and then , the user can modify,
or even delete lines from the datagrid.

When the user delete a line from my datagrid (and so from my dataset), I'd
like to know the value of a certain field before deleting this row, but this
field is mapped as "hidden" on my dataset, so not displayed.

How Can I get the value of a field of a row , As I don't know my dataset.row
index ? (the index of the row in the datagrid is not always the same than
the dataset row index! )

Thanks a lot.

(Please could the answer be copied by email ... thanks)

Sun, 11 Dec 2005 21:27:58 GMT  
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