.NET DirectX Question and Two possible bugs 
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 .NET DirectX Question and Two possible bugs

I was wondering if anyone has yet to look at the .NET
implementation of DirectX.  There are 2 samples in the .NET Beta 1 SDK for
VB.NET using DirectDraw7 classes using a .NET DirectDraw assembly named
DxVBLib, and so far so good, until I smashed up against an apparent bug.
The DrawText method on the DirectDraw7 class does not behave like it should.
I have found that you must offset the x and y
coordinates with the client rectangle area of the primary surface!   So, the
following code:

dixuprimarysurface.DrawText( 480, 0,"Test",false)

Has to be replaced with:

dx.GetWindowRect(pic.Handle, r1)
dixuprimarysurface.DrawText( r1.left + 480, r1.top,"Test",false)

Or else the text gets blitted to the VisualStudio.NET IDE!!!

Also, the nifty new function:

>? directx.createcolorrgb(255,255,0)


The value should be 65535! (yellow)   Can anyone help me with these bizarre
results?  I've got workarounds as you see from above, but the first problem
is really bad.


Bret Williams
Magenic Technologies

Wed, 23 Jul 2003 06:21:28 GMT  
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