system.timers.timer bug found 
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 system.timers.timer bug found

when i create a system.timers.timer timer (interval=1000) in a control
inherited class and i use the synchronizingobject property to chain the
timer to the control, everytime the event elapsed is raised (using
addhandler functionality, and the sub called has no additional lines of
code) probably a handle is created in the background but not destroyed, not
even when the garbage collector is forced. TaskManager shows the number of
handles of the program.

i run a program and after 3 hours i got a out of virtual space error.

When i do not use the synchronizingobject property it works fine.

I have solved this problem by using the windows form timer instead, but it
seems a bug to me and i rather use the system timer because of the accuraty.


Willie Jan Bons.

Tue, 10 May 2005 17:01:43 GMT  
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