Creating objects in runtime using the mouse?? 
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 Creating objects in runtime using the mouse??

I have a VERY improtant question here and any help is VERY much

You all know how to design a form in the form designer right? :-)

Now what I need is to program a form (and a toolbox no problems with tha)
where you can add buttons, images, texts etc... using the VB.NET

- Do when clicking on a button, dragging the mouse on the form, and a button
is created there. (This still works out ok)

- You must also be able to move the button (so it can not be clicked like
buttons always do in runtime :-) ). (This is much harder)

- And resize the button. (To do this, I have No ID...)

Can anyone help me with some IDs... Code snipsets maybee,

Help is Galdly appreciated...

Kevin Chabot...

Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:05:00 GMT  
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