Date problems with XML in ASP.NET / VB.NET- newbie question 
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 Date problems with XML in ASP.NET / VB.NET- newbie question

I am developing a dynamic report generator for a SQL Server 2000 database
using VB.NET and ASP.NET to run on our intranet on the LAN. The users are
able to pick which columns they can see in their report. They also need the
ability to save the query results to a file. What the action plan is so far
is to build a dataset, save it as an XML  file. The app then opens another
webform and binds a datagrid to the XML file. No problems until the user
decides to bring back a date field as part of the report. SQL brings it back
as an ANSI date so what is displayed in the datagrid is something like

Obviously my users want to see this as a normally formatted date (e.g.
dd-mmm-yyyy). Because they're bringing back different fields all the time I
can't see how I can use a stylesheet on the XML.

Also how can I output this XML to either CSV or Excel format. We use Excel
97 here, although I could get 2000 but not XP / 2002.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mike Prasad

Mon, 06 Sep 2004 16:52:14 GMT  
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