Smart Delete Files And Smart Delete Folders Routines? 
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 Smart Delete Files And Smart Delete Folders Routines?

Public Sub DeleteOfFiles(ByVal thePath As String, ByVal theMatch As

        Dim theFileSystem As FileSystemObject, _
            theFolder As Folder, _
            theFile As Scripting.File, _
            theSubFolder As Folder


        theFileSystem = New FileSystemObject

        With theFileSystem


            theFolder = .GetFolder _

            For Each theFile In theFolder.Files


                theFile. _



            For Each theSubFolder In theFolder.SubFolders


                Call DeleteOfFiles _
                    (theSubFolder.Path, theMatch)


        End With

    End Sub

The above routine would delete all files... but what I need is to
delete only the files, or subfolders, that match a given
specification.  In either case all matches are deleted in refence to
files or folders based on the match pattern.

For example...  D:\_FOLDER\-*.* would delete all files that start with
'-' symbol, and all files in all subfolders that start with '-'.

Another example...  D:\_FOLDER\-*. would delete all subfolders that
start with '-' symbol.

Can anyone help with this?

Sun, 02 Oct 2005 13:09:41 GMT  
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