ADO.NET with ASP.NET using VB.NET 
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 ADO.NET with ASP.NET using VB.NET

> I have an aspx page that is connecting to a microsoft
> access database.  I'm connecting fine to the database.  I
> can run my requested SQL statement.  I return one field
> from a single record out of my recordset.  At this point
> all the texts I've seen have me Bind this information to a
> datagrid.  What I need to do is capture this single piece
> of information into a variable.  Can anyone assist me with
> this?


You just need to create a variable and get the value from the recordset into
the variable.

Something like:

    Dim str As String
    Dim reader as OldDbDataReader

    ' Get the data from the database

    str = reader.Item("FIELD_NAME")

(I'm not a VB expert so I added the VB group incase someone has better



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