Complicated Record Handling on MS Sql server and MS Accesses Databases 
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 Complicated Record Handling on MS Sql server and MS Accesses Databases

Hello All

I have MASTER and DETAIL  scenario records, basically two tables where

where in T1 has all the master records and T2 has all the child records
for each MASTER record in


(E.G) Assumign if I have master record Rec1 and details 10000 records.
Think about the table grow

in later stage. So i planned to do the below, which i am facing problem.

Master records are going to be the same way. But details records when is
it created or imported

from other source below steps i wanted to carried out.

Step 1: Read all the details records in to a RECORDSET either from a
FLAT file or other DATABASES

and save to a ADODB.STREAM object.

Step 2: Then having a come reference between MASTER and DETAIL table.
Save the stream in to a

binary datatype field basically now DETAIL table will have only two
columns (1)Reference (2)

Binary field in DETAIL table.

Step 3: Reverse flow, Read the binary field where we stored the Stream
and populate the stream in

to a datagrid like offline recordset.

Is it possible to do it. I did the one way flow i am able to write in to
the binary field. i am

not able to do this

1)But how can i read that binary data(ie.,stream) from the binary field
  and assign that binary value to the stream
2)How do i associate the stream to a recordset
3)How can i bound it to a DATAGRID control for editing.

If anybody understood the concept behind this help me out. Thanks in
advance. YOu can contact me

Thanks once again.

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Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:02:50 GMT  
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