Threading and TWAIN Scanners 
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 Threading and TWAIN Scanners


I've implemented a routine which calls out to a scanner to retrieve however
many documents there are in an autofeed scanner.

I've done this by having a menu choice on a form call a method in a class.
That class method, in turn, then calls another method within the class as a
separate thread.  I use LEADTools COM TWAIN library for the TWAIN

However, when the documents are being scanned, my original form is very
non-responsive.  Why would this be?

If I substitute some other code in that threaded method that doesn't call
the TWAIN library, the thread runs fine and the original form is responsive.
The declaration of the thread and the reference to the LEADTools library are
all in the class.  Why would the form be unresponsive?

Any ideas?


- Bob

Thu, 15 Jul 2004 17:29:21 GMT  
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