VB.NET: Form slowly redraws background image behind transparent controls 
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 VB.NET: Form slowly redraws background image behind transparent controls
I have a mdi parent form that loads a child form on startup.  The child form
redraws itself from bottom up behind every control (textbox and radio
buttons) on the screen.  If the form is moved partially off the screen and
back again it will slowly redraw.  If I remove the .jpg I am using for a
background everything works fine.

I tried to setting the opacity of the parent form to 0 and then incrementing
it to 100% in hopes the screen redraw would take place before the user would
see it but this didn't work.  All the code is taking place in the form load.
What is the best way to work with forms with a background image so user
don't see the form drawing itself?

Mon, 22 Aug 2005 00:17:35 GMT  
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