Problems With Cookies In ASP.NET/VB.NET 
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 Problems With Cookies In ASP.NET/VB.NET

Apparently I've been up too long or something, but I seem to be having a
problem with my cookies 'sticking'. The following code is suppose to check
for a cookie, if it exists update the hit count, otherwise create a new one.
The code seems to set the cookie fine for the session (or until IE is
closed), but after that, the cookie doesn't seem to exist!

Any thoughts/ideas/smacks upside my head???


The exact code is below:

Dim objUserCount as Integer = 0
Dim objSiteCount as Integer = 0
Dim objDateTime As DateTime = DateTime.Now()
Dim objTimeSpan As New TimeSpan(365,0,0,0)
Dim objUserBrowser as HttpBrowserCapabilities = Request.Browser

If objUserBrowser.Cookies Then
'Cookies Available

    Dim objUserCookie As HTTPCookie
    Dim objUserCookieCollection As HTTPCookieCollection
    Dim forLoop1 As Integer
    Dim objUserCookieCheck As Boolean = FALSE

    'First We Need To Check To See If Our Cookie Exists
    objUserCookieCollection = Request.Cookies

    For forLoop1 = 0 TO objUserCookieCollection.Count - 1
        objUserCookie = objUserCookieCollection(forLoop1)

        If objUserCookie.Name = "SPTHOMAS" Then
        'Cookie Exists
            objUserCookieCheck = TRUE
        End If
    Next forLoop1

    'After Checking We Need To Determine To Set/Create The Cookie
    If objUserCookieCheck Then
    'Cookie Exists
        objUserCookie = objUserCookieCollection("SPTHOMAS")
        objUserCount = objUserCookie.Values("HitCount")
        objUserCount += 1
        objUserCookie.Values("HitCount") = objUserCount
    'Cookie Doesn't Exist
        Dim objUserCookieNew As New HTTPCookie("SPTHOMAS")
        objUserCookieNew.Values("HitCount") = 1
        objUserCookie.Expires = objDateTime.Add(objTimeSpan)
        objUserCount += 1
    End If

End If

Sat, 15 Oct 2005 02:49:51 GMT  
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