.NET VB.NET/ WebService access error 
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 .NET VB.NET/ WebService access error

Our entire development team are having major issues with
VB Clients accessing web services.

The problem is basically this:

1.  Set up a web service on an accessible web server.  Any
web service will do, as long as it is developed using
the .NET Framework.

2.  Create a VB.NET client to access the service.  Any
client will do as long as it is developed with Visual
Studio .NET.

3.  Distribute this client to another machine that only
has the .NET runtime installed, not the full blown
development environment.

4.  Distribute the client to a machine with VS.NET already

Without fail the machine with VS.NET accesses the service
as expected.

The machine with only the .NET redistributable runtime
errors with a 503- Service Unavailable.

This has been tested now in various depts. all on
different network and machine configurations using any web
services - no matter how simple.

The only distinguishing factor, as far as anyone here can
see, is that the machines have a different type (for want
of a better word) of framework installation.

Try it for yourself and see.  We have just installed SP1
of the Framework, but to no avail.

Any ideas? Is there a subtle change in security settings
when the VS.NET environment is installed over machines
where there isn't?

Sun, 05 Sep 2004 22:50:56 GMT  
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