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 ASP.NET VB Session Variables


I have a tricky problem.

I have a page whick contains a form which transfers a userid and password
to the server.

It looks something like this:

<FORM id="loginform" runat="server">
<ASP:TextBox ID="strNickname" MaxLength="30" Columns="12" RunAt="server" />
<ASP:TextBox ID="strPassword" MaxLength="30" Columns="12"
TextMode="Password" RunAt="server" />
<ASP:ImageButton ImageUrl="images/icon/icon_go_sidebar.gif" RunAt="server"
BorderWidth="0" onClick="LoginButton_Click" />
<ASP:TextBox ID="action" Text="login" Visible="false" RunAt="server" />

The sub LoginButton_Click sets some Session-Variables.

No comes the strange part. After the page comes back from the submit, the
session variables are not available. I enabled a trace and can see the
variable and the correctly assigned value there. When I submit the page a
second time, the session variable is available.

I run this page with code behind.

Any hint welcome.


Sat, 20 Aug 2005 16:51:04 GMT  
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