WNetAddConnection2 in a service 
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 WNetAddConnection2 in a service

I'm using the standard WNetAddConnection2 API call in my code.  If I run it
in the load event of a windows form, then everything works fine.  If,
however, I try to use it in the OnStart event of a windows service then the
first time I run it it works fine, but when I restart the service, it fails
with error 85 - ERROR_ALREADY_ASSIGNED.  If I restart the machine then it
again works fine the first time the service runs, but again fails when the
service restarts.

I've tried adding a call to WNetCancelConnection2 before the connect
attempt.  That is failing with error 2250 - ERROR_LOCAL_DRIVE

To keep this post manageable, I haven't included my own code as I don't
think it's necessary.  If someone does want to see it the then let me know
and I can post it.  The basic connection code is available here

If anyone else has come across this problem in a service, then I'd love to
hear any ideas.


Rob Oldfield

Fri, 09 Sep 2005 20:45:02 GMT  
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