MS Report - Things of interest to VB .NET Developers - January 27, 2003 
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 MS Report - Things of interest to VB .NET Developers - January 27, 2003

Here are a bunch of interesting things going on for VB .NET Developers. Hope
you like 'em! The big new item is the release of the VB6 Code Advisor
(detailed below).


WebCasts and Chats
Support WebCast: Microsoft SQL Server 2000: Troubleshooting Connectivity
Thursday, February 6, 2003: 8:00 A.M. Pacific time (Greenwich mean time- 8).

Support WebCast: Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0, Internet
Information Services 5.0, and Apache Applications: Migrating to IIS 6.0
Wednesday, February 19, 2003: 10:00 A.M. Pacific time (Greenwich mean

Support WebCast: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server:
An Overview of Feature Pack 1
Thursday, February 20, 2003: 10:00 A.M. Pacific time (Greenwich mean

Support WebCast: Microsoft Windows XP: How to Configure and Use Error
Friday, February 21, 2003: 10:00 A.M. Pacific time (Greenwich mean time- 8).

Online Articles:

Programming with Events using .NET
In this article, Ted Pattison discusses event handling and delegates in
Visual Basic .NET:

Everyone Into the Pool
Rocky Lhotka delves into object pooling, a .NET Framework feature that
allows you to pre-create a group of objects on the server that are shared by
all clients.

Formatting the Windows Forms DataGrid Control in Visual Basic
Quite a few basic tasks related to formatting the Windows Forms DataGrid
control require you to create and implement your own custom column styles.
However, once you are familiar with these objects, you will have a lot of
power at your disposal.

Developing the ChalkTalk Sample Application, Part 2
Billy Hollis further refines his ChalkTalk application using feedback from
readers and in doing so, explains and applies owned forms, isolated storage,
creating a skin in Windows Forms, and using the clipboard from Visual Basic
.NET. (note: This page includes a link to Part 1)

Architectural Whitepapers

Operating .NET-Based Applications(Modules 1 & 2)
Description:  Gives you the best information available about monitoring and
applications based on the Microsoft? .NET Framework. The guide is primarily
for Administrators with responsibility for application operation and
monitoring. However, although the primary focus is infrastructure and
operations, developers involved in designing and creating applications that
use the .NET Framework should find much of the information useful.
  Monitoring .NET-Based Applications (Module 1) covers how to monitor
the functioning of your applications. This includes defining healthy and
unhealthy applications and taking appropriate action based on the
information you gather.
  Securing .NET-Based Applications (Module 2) covers how to maximize the
security of your environment and still allow your .NET-based applications to
function properly. You cover how to use Group Policy to lock down computers
and examine how to secure the network traffic generated by the application.

Application Architecture for .NET: Designing Applications and Services
 Description: This is the Microsoft Reference Architecture for building .NET
Line of
Business applications on the Microsoft application platform. It provides
guidance around design decisions that must be made during the early phases
of developing a solution and includes links to sources of detailed
information for implementing the solution. The target audiences are
application architects and developers who need to build distributed .NET

Production Debugging for .NET Framework Applications
Description: Helps developers and operators attack their .NET problems with
confidence and background knowledge. It addresses debugging for production
ASP.NET Applications for the following scenarios: leaks; hangs; and crashes.

News of Interest:

Visual Basic 6.0 Code Advisor Released!
The Visual Basic 6.0 Code Advisor is a new add-in that can scan your Visual
Basic 6.0 projects to ensure they meet predetermined coding standards. The
Code Advisor can also suggest changes and best practices to ease your
migration from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET, and enables you to
create custom scanning rules to check your Visual Basic 6.0 code for
compliance with your own personal or development team best practices.

VBTV Episode 3 Now Available
In Episode 3,  Chris and Ari come to the realization that they're clueless
Web application development and call in the pros for some much-needed help.

Yair Alan Griver
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