Err No rows at, duplicate table and row names 
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 Err No rows at, duplicate table and row names

 I have a need to "archive" rows from the primary to
secondary databases.

 When I get down to reteiving rows from the primary, I am
getting errors "no row at" any location.

 ReadInCount = OleDbDataAdapter2Primary.Fill(DsPrimary1)
results in 1.

 AddRowCount = Me.BindingContext(DsPrimary1, "S
Log").Position is resulting in -1!

 rowDsPrimary1 = DsPrimary1.Tables("S Log").Rows(0)
throws exception, no row at 0.

The way I set them up was a simple clone of the primary
database.  Access file copied over and renamed.  
Resulting in duplicate table and column names.

Am I in need of some mapping or extra name qualifications?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,


Tue, 16 Aug 2005 14:02:26 GMT  
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