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 Textbox questions

 I am working on a custom little textbox that simply scrolls text across its
visible area.  And I have run into a few questions.
    1)  Is their an event that happens when the text reaches the end of a
textbox, I noticed that it simply stops the text from going any further in
the textbox.
    2)  If not is their a way to tell the Max number of characters a textbox
will hold at any given point, without setting the Max Length     property?
I noticed that the width property gives me pixels, but that doesn't equate
well to the number of characters a textbox can handle.  Not does it account
for a change in font.

    3)  Would a label be better for this situation?  Since in reality you
don't need to type into it as it is scrolling....

Thank you for any help,

Sat, 01 May 2004 22:49:15 GMT  
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