Datagrid web control problem: creating event handlers for contols in template columns 
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 Datagrid web control problem: creating event handlers for contols in template columns

I am creating an editable grid that has 4 dropdownlist controls on the
edit templates.  I need to limit the listitems in each successive
control by what the user selects in the preceding dropdown.  To do
this I need to write event handlers for the dropdowns.  I cannot find
any way to create event handlers for these dropdownlist controls.  In
fact I cannot find a way to reference them at all outside of certain
events of the datagrid itself (UpdateCommand and ItemCommand, for

Is there a way to create eventhandlers for these controls or is there
another way to control what is displayed in the contols of a
datagrid's edit templates?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sun, 11 Jul 2004 03:53:54 GMT  
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