doing updating from grid to sql server with stored procedure sql 2000 
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 doing updating from grid to sql server with stored procedure sql 2000


i have a grid on my form that i populate from the following
(non-helpful code removed)

Dim sSQL As String = "select state_id, state_rate from
Dim daGetStates As New SqlDataAdapter(sSQL, sConnectionString)
Dim dsStates As New DataSet()

daGetStates.Fill(dsStates, "States")
dgTaxInfo.DataSource = dsStates.Tables("States")

this shows the user some states and a tax rate for each state.  I want
the user to be able to update the tax rates for any states they want
(as many as they want too, 0, 1, 2, or 50).  i will have a update
button that writes the changes to the sql database.  i will write a
stored procedure to update one state (by the id) at a time.  so what I
need to do is have the update button only submit each changed rate one
at a time to the stored procedure.  it will not call the stored
procedure where the user didnt change the rate.  makes sense?

how do i do this?  i am new to .net


Tue, 12 Jul 2005 04:51:43 GMT  
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