Ann: SyncVSS 1.1 released - Visual Studio .Net 2003 / VSS Addin 
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 Ann: SyncVSS 1.1 released - Visual Studio .Net 2003 / VSS Addin

The Creekside Technology Group is pleased to announce SyncVss 1.1 to support
Visual Studio.Net 2003. SyncVss 1.1 is the "must have" AddIn for users of
Visual Studio.Net and Visual SourceSafe.

SyncVss resolves Microsoft Knowledge Base issue 305516 and synchronizes
Visual Studio.Net (both 2002 and 2003) with Visual SourceSafe. This enables
building of all C#, J# and VB.Net projects from the Visual SourceSafe
database rather than from developer local directories or from uncontrolled

SyncVss also enables Visual Interdev users using "master mode" for Web
development to migrate to Visual Studio.Net for their ASP.Net projects using
FileShare access. SyncVss allows multiple users to share the working copy of
a Web project much as they did for "master mode" and to benefit from the
FileShare access features for integration with Visual SourceSafe. Both
Exclusive and Mutiple Checkout access are supported.

See for more information and download.

Creekside Technology Group

Mon, 10 Oct 2005 16:55:36 GMT  
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