Remote Management - Direction Needed 
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 Remote Management - Direction Needed


I have a close deadline to determine if this is possible,
and how to proceed.

I want to develop a simple app for managing a computer
center.  People will pay by the hour to use a computer.  
How can I best lock them out after the time has expired?

Screen Saver, Active Channel, Policies?  Keep in mind that
I do not know what time they will log in, so it needs to
be dynamic.  For simplicity, I envision that
a. they stick a floppy in the drive.
b. Windows Service reads the file on the floppy and lets
them log in
c. Every minute the file gets rewritten to reflect time
left (encrypted)
d. When time is up, computer "locks" and username and
password is required, then the Windows Service reads the
file and If there is no time, it locks again.

I wrote a Windows Service that writes a log entry every
minute, updates a file, and looks for data in the file
(XML) or the service stops, but how would I trigger a
screen saver and not let them back in without paying again
(Either swiping a card, or inserting a USB Memory Key
with "time" on it, or the Floppy example)?


Tue, 19 Jul 2005 03:55:45 GMT  
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