datagrid updatecommand event args does not recieve updated information 
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 datagrid updatecommand event args does not recieve updated information

I use this sample straight from MS and it doesn't work...
Can someone please tell me why.. I get the data from the
textbox correctly but the data does not reflect any
changes I've made...Why???

code for grid_updatecommand event

        'extract the key field from the datakeys collection
        Dim intAmenityID As Integer = grdAmenity.DataKeys
        'extract the cell from the cells collection
        Dim objCell As TableCell = e.Item.Cells(1)
        ' The TextBox is the 0th element of the Controls
        Dim objBox As TextBox = CType(objCell.Controls(0),
        ' Extract the quantity from the box.
        Dim strDescription As String = objBox.Text

Sun, 19 Sep 2004 08:41:17 GMT  
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