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 I have an assembly SampleDll .This assembly has a class that has a filename
as one of it's members/properties.
 I get the property grid to add a browse button so the user can change the
filename with the propertygrid.
 Here is my code .
                       Imports System.Drawing.Design
                       Imports System.Windows.Forms.Design
                               Imports System.ComponentModel

<Editor(GetType(TextFileNameDialogEditor),GetType(UITypeEditor))> _
                        Public Class SampleProperties
                            Private mFilename as String

                            Public Property Filename as String
                                    Return mFilename
                                End Get
                                Set (ByVal  Value as String)
                                End Set
                            End Property
                        End class

                        Public Class TextFileNameDialogEditor
                           Inherits FileNameEditor
                           Protected Overrides Sub InitializeDialog(ByVal
openFileDialog As System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog)
                               With openFileDialog
                                    .DefaultExt = "txt"
                                    .Filter = "txt Dateien(*.txt)|*.txt"
                               End With
                        End Sub
                    End Class

Now I try to load this assembly in another assembly with the method "Load"
or "LoadFrom".
I then create an Instance of the class SampleDll with "CreateInstance"
I try to use the new object in my Propertygrid but the browse button does
not appear. WHY???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sat, 01 Oct 2005 16:29:02 GMT  
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