Custom Upgrading from VB6->VB.NET 
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 Custom Upgrading from VB6->VB.NET

This is a thought I'm forwarding to anyone from Microsoft monitoring this

Since it's fairly easy to add some of the missing VB5/6 properties of
windows controls to the .NET winform ones, it seems like it would be very
helpfull to be able to customize what the upgrade behaviour should be for
those controls and properties, and be able to pick any inherited winform
control as the new equivalent.

For instance, combo and list boxes are missing a .ItemData, which is failry
easy to add back, so if we could point the converter to an inherited control
with this functionality the migration would be easier. Some have hinted that
Microsoft could even provide these inherited controls with VB5/6-Like

Please don't flame about how apps should instead be re-written, I already
decided I would re-write mine (eventually) to get full advantage of the .NET
platform, but many folks out there consider this sort of incompatibilities
as show-stoppers, and this idea is in their benefit.

Best Regards,

Miguel Santos

Fri, 04 Jul 2003 23:33:22 GMT  
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