Problem with a vb.Net class inheriting from a c# class 
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 Problem with a vb.Net class inheriting from a c# class


I'm trying to extend a simple C# class to an other vb class. I've
tried to use two win forms projects. I've connect the both projects in
adding the reference of the c# project in the vb project. But when I
work in this sense, an error message explain me that my assembly has
not the .dll it musts have and I cannot establish the reference.

Then I've tried to make two web forms projects. But in this case, I
can only inherits from the web forms of the c# project and I must
inherits from a basic vb.NET class.

If someone knows how to resolve my problem, I would greatly appreciate
all help.

Best Regards!

PS- Sorry for my bad english

Sat, 15 Oct 2005 02:35:11 GMT  
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