Windows Service in VB.NET - Failed to process service command 
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 Windows Service in VB.NET - Failed to process service command

Hi there

Ive got a weird one here...Ive got a Windows Service written in vb.NET - its
been running for a few months with no problem whatsoever but this morning,
for some reason, the Custom Commands dont work - when I try to send a Custom
Command to the service, using the ServiceController namespace, I get an
entry in the Event Log saying "Failed to process service command" and having
placed some debug code inside the OnCustomCommand event of the service, can
confirm that OnCustomCommand never gets called.

I cant think of anything that i might have changed to make this stop working
(famous last words) - has anyone else come across this and if so, what could
I be looking out for?



Tue, 14 Dec 2004 21:05:08 GMT  
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