Create Threads on TCPListener.Accept 
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 Create Threads on TCPListener.Accept

How can i create a thread for each connection that is accepted by a
My code works if i do not create another thread, but breaks randomly after
some connects if two clients are connecting at the same time. I think it's a
problem of thread synchronisation.

As a former VB6 programmer i am not sure what impacts freethreading has to
my problem.
Below you see the code i use on my server to accept some connections.
SocketThread is my class that get the resulting socket and processes all the
work (check the bytes, send answer).

What else do i have to do to get it work?

Public Class PortListener
    Private m_tcpl As TCPListener

    Public Sub New()

        m_tcpl = New TCPListener(1100)

        While (True)
            Dim s As Socket = m_tcpl.Accept()
            Dim o As New SocketThread()    'custom object

            'This works, but blocks

            'This works only if one client is connecting
            'Dim t As Thread
            't = New Thread(AddressOf o.Start)

        End While
    End Sub
End Class

I also tried this for testing, but also crashes

         Dim o(1000) As SocketThread, i As Integer
        Dim t(1000) As Thread, s As socket

        While (True)

            'Accept will block until someone connects
            s = m_tcpl.Accept()

            'Dim o As New SocketThread()
            o(i) = New SocketThread()

            t(i) = New Thread(AddressOf o(i).Start)

            i = i + 1

        End While

Thanks for every help

Mon, 14 Jul 2003 01:11:33 GMT  
 Create Threads on TCPListener.Accept
The problem was that i always startet the server from the IDE. When i start
i as exe everything work fine.

Maybe the console windows "thread 0xf46 exited....." caused the crash?


Mon, 14 Jul 2003 16:01:30 GMT  
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