Word Docs - Look for example to create them from VB.Net 
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 Word Docs - Look for example to create them from VB.Net

Hello All !

Can anyone recommend a good book, article, or reference on
how to use VB.Net (not VB6!) to programmatically generate
MS Word documents?  Looking for some working code that
will demonstrate the process of creating a document object and
generating a simple bogus document that contains a couple of
headers (title, page no, etc.) and some tab-aligned numerical
data.  I'd also like to see the use of changing the font, style
and size of the text in different sections of the document.  I've
gone as far as I can with the .Net documentation on the subject
matter and as this is a beta product the docs on this are still
incomplete.  Nothing to complex but a complete example.

I'm ready to purchase this book right here and right now if
I can find it or someone shows me where it may be.  Any one
working on a book and wants someone to be a BETA reader
on this topic?  I'll do it in a heart-beat and provide plenty of

I'm using VB.Net and Office 2000 (and '97).  I don't want to
see VB6 examples as they don't translate so well to .Net.  Some
of the objects don't seem to work at all (like Word.Range) when
translating it to VB.Net.

Many Thanks!
---> Kelsey McClanahan
Newmont Mining Corp.

Tue, 06 Apr 2004 23:43:52 GMT  
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