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I'm new to ADO.NET and have been reading about it and have managed to create
a little application in VB.NET which reads and updates one table. So far, so

The table has 5 fields, ID(bigint), Code(char), Desc(char), ModId(char) and

I would like the datagrid to just show the Code and Desc field, but when the
record is saved, ModId should be filled with currentUser and ModDate should
be filled with the current date/time. Also the Code field should be

How do I do this, I let VS generate all the select/update/insert/delete
commands for the data-adapter and don't want to make changes in this
generated code, but to write all this code myself is not really an option.

Any suggestions ??

Jurjen de Groot

Thu, 16 Sep 2004 06:30:54 GMT  
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