Help with Self Executable File 
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 Help with Self Executable File

Hi I have a work/school assignment;
I am just getting started, is this easy or hard. any
directions/resources is greatly appreciated. i have taken
1 1 week class in at New Horizons in NYC. and 1
semester class in Intro to C++

thank you kindly;

Project Algorithm
1)Write a VB6 or VB.Net program for a self-launching CD
2)VB6 or VB.Net Program must be Cross Platform (works on a
PC and a Macintosh)
3)Produce a Demonstration Cross Platform CD with this
4)Due 1/2/2003.

3)Uses file "autorun.inf" = it is 1 line of code (function
4)Write an executible file (see step 5)
5)Compile into? or using? VBrun.dll  
6)Place all files in Windows Systems Applications Folder
or Program may not
work from outset. Research possible Macintosh Operating
System dependencies.

Thu, 09 Jun 2005 02:35:26 GMT  
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