Need a _good_ .NET Tree control 
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 Need a _good_ .NET Tree control

  Does anyone have recommendations for a Forms (not ADO.NET) tree control
with good drag-drop functionality.
The Infragistics treeview is very basic, but makes excellent use of drag and
drop functionality, while the Developer Express XtraTreeList control has
excellent visual elements but apparently hopeless drag and drop (I'm waiting
for feedback from their newsgroup on this point).
By 'decent drag and drop' I mean something that allows you to select where
the drop occurrs relative to the node you drop on. Most tree controls allow
you to drop it above (inserting it), on top (adding as a child) or after
(inserting after), usually by showing a nice blue line or arrow to indicate
where it will go.
Please, if you have seen any good tree controls of this sort, let me know.
I'm getting desperate :)


Fri, 29 Apr 2005 19:35:52 GMT  
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