Session Variables Always lost when page is loaded 
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 Session Variables Always lost when page is loaded


Let's say I have a
Sub SetVars()
  Session("ID") = "6564684"
End Sub

Now when I do this and the page is Posted back
with trace I can see Session("ID") = "6564684"

but when I go to another page on the same site
and I return
I get a trace: Session("ID") = "0"

witch is the value for it in my global.asax
HOWEVER when I click a commandbutton (runat="server") on that page so that
it is posted back, my session variable returns
and the trace outputs Session("ID") = "6564684"

So in fact
it is saved somewhere but when a page loads I can't get it
only after posting it back

why ?

Tue, 06 Apr 2004 05:14:15 GMT  
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