Problem in passing datarow array from one sub to other 
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 Problem in passing datarow array from one sub to other

I am working on a app wherein once user is logged in all the related info is
populated thro an xml. I am using datarow collection to get rows to be
filled in a combobox. Here is my code:

'--Below method is in a windows form
Private Sub LoadFloors()

Dim drwFloors() As DataRow

Dim drwFloor As DataRow

' get floor rows from settings 'gobjDSSettings is a variable of type
clsDSSettings class.


for Each drwFloor In drwFloors



End Sub

'--Here is the code  in clsDSSettings .GetFloorRows
Public Sub GetFloorRows(ByRef pdrwFloors() As DataRow)

'cdstSettings is a dataset poulated from an xml

pdrwFloors = cdstSettings.Tables.Item("Floor").Select(Nothing,

End Sub

When i Execute this code I get the system.Nullreference Exception. So it
seems that passing a null refernce of object from one method to other is not
allowed in beta2.

can anyone suggest some workaround/fix to make this work.



Sat, 13 Dec 2003 23:54:42 GMT  
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