Disable Delete row function in Datagrid 
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 Disable Delete row function in Datagrid

Assuming this is a Windows Forms DataGrid, and that the datasource is a
datatable, then you can set the AllowDelete property on the datatable's

        'get the datatable somehow.... eg.
        Dim dt as Datatable = CType(Me.DataGrid1.DataSource, DataTable);

        'set the AllowDelete property on the dataview associated with the
        dt.DefaultView.AllowDelete = False

Another way is to get at the underlying dataview using the Currencymanager.

        Dim cm as CurrencyManager =
CType(Me.BindingContext(Me.DataGrid1.DataSource, Me.DataGrid1.Datamember),
        Dim dv as DataView = CType(cm.List, DataView)
        dv.AllowDelete = False

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> Hi, How can i disable the delete action when user clicked
> the row header of a datagrid and pressed Delete button?

> The datagrid's datasource is a dataset.

> I want user just can edit record in my datagrid only.

> Thx.

> p.s. I can't catch the event by keyPress or others. If row
> header has been clicked.

Tue, 17 May 2005 17:59:04 GMT  
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