Forcing Correct Assembly Version 
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 Forcing Correct Assembly Version

Here is my problem, any help would be greatly appreciated:

I have a .exe that needs to load different versions of the same .dll

The directory structure looks like this:

/ main.exe

The version number is a variable in the exe and I load the dll using
the Activator class. The ExecuteLocation var holds the path to the
Assembly I want to execute:

        Dim assem As [Assembly]
        assem = assem.LoadFrom(ExecuteLocation)
        Dim types As Type() = assem.GetTypes

            Dim o As Object
            o = Activator.CreateInstance(types(0))
        assem = Nothing

The MsgBox pops up the assembly path of the dll that was loaded.

The problem happens when I change the ExecuteLocation to a higher
version/folder number, it keeps loading the old one, even though the
assembly is being loaded from the new one.

It seems like the type name is being cached, even though I load the
type dynamically from the assembly I specify.

Any idea why this is happening?

Sun, 13 Mar 2005 01:47:59 GMT  
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