Question about Code Behind and session variables 
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 Question about Code Behind and session variables

I am having trouble with Session variables and wondering if anyone has any
clues. Both pages are on the same server and domain. Below is a example of
my problem

Page1(Code Behind Snippet):
onFunction A(x as integer)

    if X > 99 then"xvar") = X"pagea.aspx")
    Else"xvar") = X"pageb.aspx")
    end if
end function

Pagea.aspx (in the ASP Script)
<!-- Other Html Here
    if Cint(Session("xvar") ) >99 then
        response.write("Welcome to Pagea")
    end if
<!-- More Html here
Pageb is same as page a except it outputs pageb instead of a.

In this above example the page always redirects to page1 even if X was >99.
Anyone care to give some light on why this is happening?

Ben Pyles

Thu, 25 Mar 2004 11:33:53 GMT  
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