Passing Property Descriptor to DataGridTextBoxColumn Constructor 
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 Passing Property Descriptor to DataGridTextBoxColumn Constructor

Can anyone explain what passing a property descriptor to a
DataGridTextBoxColumn constructor achieves?

Given the following code:

Dim lobj_PropDescriptor as PropertyDescriptor
Dim lobj_CurMgr As CurrencyManager

lobj_CurMgr =
tor = lobj_CurMgr.GetItemProperties().Item("MyProperty")
lcol_MyNewCol = New DataGridTextBoxColumn(lobj_PropDescriptor)

I would have thought that the MappingName would be automatically determined.
Not only is it not, but if I do away with the PropertyDescriptor altogether,
I still get the datagrid column bound correctly to my property.

So if this works:

lcol_MyNewCol = New DataGridTextBoxColumn()
lcol_MyNewCol.MappingName = MyProperty

Then what is the point/benefit of passing the PropertyDescriptor?


Raj (M)

Sat, 25 Jun 2005 15:49:18 GMT  
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