Difficulty using the FileListBox 
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 Difficulty using the FileListBox

I am writing a small Visaul Basic .NET app to rename files and am having
difficulties getting the FileListBox to behave as expected.  I have placed a
DriveListBox, a DirListBox, and FileListBox on my form and linked them
together with the following code:

Private Sub DriveListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(<snip>) _
Handles DriveListBox1.SelectedIndexChanged
    DirListBox1.Path = DriveListBox1.Path
End Sub

Private Sub DirListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged(<snip>) _
Handles DirListBox1.SelectedIndexChanged
    FileListBox1.Path = DirListBox1.Path
End Sub

When I run the app I am able to browse files as you would expect, however
the FileListBox does update and show the files inside a directory until you
click a different directory in the DirListBox.  The FileListBox is "one
click behind" the other controls.  How can I correct this.  Also, what
method would I use to read the names of files in a directory into an array?
I am having difficulty finding the information I need in the docs provided
by Visual Studio .NET   TIA

Wed, 08 Dec 2004 12:42:47 GMT  
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