Enumerating Top-level Application Windows 
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 Enumerating Top-level Application Windows

Hello microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.vb!

I have found this article:

I've tried to make the program described there, but there is one problem:

"Enumerating Top-level Application Windows
Enumerating top-level application windows is straight forward using the
Win32 API EnumWindows. This is a well-documented API that takes an EnumFunc
callback function as a parameter. For each top-level window on the desktop,
the EnumFunc will be called back by the system with the window handle of the
top-level window as a parameter. Not all top-level windows should appear in
the AltTab list. A number of properties of the window are queried, and
various conditions must be satisfied: Is the window an application window?
Can the window be activated? Is it visible? Is it a ToolWindow?"

I don't know how to inquire if "Can the window be activated?" and "Is it a
ToolWindow?". I did't know what the author meat.
Could anyone help me? TIA


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Fri, 18 Nov 2005 03:30:20 GMT  
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