Borderless Forms and TaskBar Titles 
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 Borderless Forms and TaskBar Titles

Hey Everyone,

I've created a small application in VB.NET with a custom TitleBar.  In order
to display my TitleBar instead of the default Windows TitleBar, I've set the
FormBorderStyle = 'Sizeable' and the ControlBox = 'False'.  This maintains
the 3D Border look and gives me my custom TitleBar.  However, I am faced
with the problem that my program doesn't show up in the TaskBar with a name,
just the Form's Icon.

Is there a 'trick' that will let me do this without having the default
Windows TitleBar re-appear when I set the Form.Text property?

Thanks in advance!


Mon, 09 May 2005 02:07:45 GMT  
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