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 sincronize Master Detail

Hi, I have the following scenario:

Table1----Relation12----Table2---- Relation 23----Table3

on a dataset = ds1

After a query, Table1 is positioned and Table2 is positioned using listbox2
with properties

datasourse = ds1 ; displaymember= table1.relation12.someField

I want to see Table3 on a datagrid3

The only way I found to sincronize datagrid3 with listbox2  is using
datagrid3 properties as:

datasourse = ds1 ; datamember=table1.relation12. Relation 23

But using that way I got some strange behaviors on IDE (eg. Altering text
properties of binded labels) and when running, the entire dataset get weird,
creating records that do not exists etc.

What is the right way to accomplish that

Thanks Marcos

Tue, 01 Mar 2005 23:13:56 GMT  
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