Build Deployment errors 
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 Build Deployment errors

I have built a simple app of one aspx page on my development machine, that I
want to deploy on my IIS 5.0 server with static ip address as a tip on my

I used the MS sample walkthrough for a deployment project and all was going
well as example required until I selected 'build deployment'.

It built for a while and then gave error:
'Unrecoverable build error'

The second time I tried building I get:
'Cannot remove output file c:\documents and settings\user1\my
documents\visual studio projects\myproject\websetup2\debug\websetup2.tmp'

Is the deployment stuff not installed? or is it not in beta2?

Is there anyway to just manually get such a simple app installed on my
server without installing the whole .NET environment?


Sat, 17 Apr 2004 02:16:17 GMT  
 Build Deployment errors
Yes, Beta2 should be able to build the deployment package. I suggest you
can add one deployment project under the same solution with your original
webapplication. For example you have solution1 which contains two projects,
webapplication1 is the ASP.NET project and setup1 is the deployment
project. Then you can choose to build only setup1 and then it should build
the .msi for your correctly.

To elimate possble problem, I think you can choose the setup Wizard first
instead of build the deployment project from scratch. Besides, we can also
delete .NET runtime dotnetfxredist_x86_enm.msm from the setup project

Hope it helps.

Best Regards,
Robin Shen
Microsoft Support

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Sun, 18 Apr 2004 16:15:43 GMT  
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