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What's the story on the visual appearance of WinForms controls when
enabled is set to false?  They all seem to have a different style.  The
text in a lable looks different than the text of a check box or radio
button.  They are both different from the text in a text box.  looks
like {*filter*}when you have a mixture of them on one form.  The appearance
is different again if you implement the WinXP styles.  The text all
appears similar when the controls are enabled, why can't it be the same
when the controls are disabled?

Why is the fixed height of combo boxes different than the height of text

Why do the check marks in a check list box appear to be enabled even
when the control is disabled?  (They aren't enabled, they just look like
they are).

Joe Griffith

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Sat, 17 Jul 2004 23:46:24 GMT  
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