How Can I Pass Data Between the Server Side and the Client Side VB/JScript 
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 How Can I Pass Data Between the Server Side and the Client Side VB/JScript

You're making it harder than it has to be.  The typical way is to use a
custom validator control:


As far as passing information from the server side code to the client side
script, can you just stuff it in a hidden form field?

- Scott Swigart
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> Hi!

> I'm working with WebForms on VB.Net, I'm doing the validating process of
> data in the client-side, with javascript
> functions before to Insert the data on the SQL Server 2k Database, I
> to do it in the client-side, because I need
> to show a messagebox and to set the foucs on a control on a validation
> exception... now I need to check for duplicate
> records, but the only way to do it that I see, is to do it in the server
> side... but how can I pass the result of this
> validation to the client again?

> my code looks like this:

> On the JavaScript source:

> function validate()
>   {
>     window.document.Form1.txtValid.value = 0;

>     if (window.document.Form1.Text1.value == '')
>       {
>         alert('notify some error');

>         window.document.Form1.Text1.focus();
>       }

>     ...

>     //If everything it's ok the only way to comunicate the success of this
> to the vb code, is to asign a value to a hidden
>     //control... do you know a way to avoid this?

>     window.document.Form1.txtValid.value = 1;
>   }

> On the VB Side:

> Private Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
> System.EventArgs) Handles Handles MyBase.Load
>   ...

>   btnAccept.Attributes.Add("onClick", "validate()")
> End Sub

> Private Sub btnAccept_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As
> System.EventArgs) Handles btnNuevoAceptar.Click
>   If (txtValid.Text = "1") Then
>     'I can store the data
>   End If
> End Sub

> so, my questions are:

> 1-) How can I pass data from jscript to vb without using a TextBox?
> 2-) In the validate function how can I know the value of some variable
> in vb?
> 3-) Using RegisterStartupScript is a good way to call a script function on
> the load event of the form, but...
>     4-) What If I want to unregister it it's possible? or to change the
> definition of the script?
>     5-) There's a way on Vb to raise a reload event of th webform? or to
> raise any event of the webform on the client side?

> Really Thanks!

Wed, 08 Jun 2005 16:28:37 GMT  
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