tab bars do not match tab page 
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 tab bars do not match tab page


Im trying to make a display with 2 groups of about 22 tabs.  if I showed
them all, there would be no space for the data.  so Im only showing one line
at a time, grouped as three sets of about 8 tabs for each of two main

so when trying to make one specific tab page come up by a button click, what
fails is that the tab data which for now is color and an rtf box, does come
up and focus and visible, but the tab at the top remains where it was.

Ive tried for days to manipulate the code to show, visible and refresh but
Im rather new to .net.  I need to know if this will work, or drop trying it.
it doesnt make sense the tab contents appear fine, but the tab is wrong.

Im also trying to make the tabs appear with unique colors to help the user
sort out which row of the six rows is currently active.  Im told to place
colors ON the tabs.  easier said than done, is there a way to color the
tabs?  Ive been able to place a .bmp on the tab, but it contends for space
with the "text", they push each other, rather than having the text on top of
the .bmp

thanks in advance

Fri, 05 Nov 2004 14:25:03 GMT  
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