Accessing class from apps 
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 Accessing class from apps

Is there any trick to creating a dotnet class that you can reference in an
Access 2000 application? I need to create a dll that wraps around a web
service so that I can take advantage of the web service from an Access 2000
app. I seem to be having a hard time just creating a basic dll that I can
reference in Access and access the properties of successfully. I have
successfully created one dll that I can access from a app, but I
cannot access the properties of the object when I try to access the object
from Access. I cannot even see the properties of the object in the Object
Browser window. Any help is appreciated.

Paul Bauer

Sat, 08 Jan 2005 07:49:41 GMT  
 Accessing class from apps
Hi Paul,

The following link will provides the information you are looking for.

If this you want to create an add-in in .net, look at the following article:

Q302896 - HOW TO: Build an Office COM Add-in by Using Visual Basic .NET

Bharat Patel
Microsoft Developer Support

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Mon, 10 Jan 2005 00:21:21 GMT  
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